Wolf wallets

wolf wallets

Because just like women have the bags that define them, men have wallets. But not just wallets, rather, wolf wallets. That with simplicity and elegance they protect us from what there is no joy when leaving work. We define and define our status and image of unique people in this great forest.

Wolf wallets

The leaders of the group

The challengers of the quadrilateral

My unquestionable identity

Fenrir chained

Protector of your soul

The favorite prey

Whether leather, with chain, without it, with a wolf image or with a simple drawing. When you see it, you will feel its howling call. The one indicated for you. The one who was waiting for you all this time. A connection to your soul established in a second. That you will always have with you in the most difficult moments, saying: Get up one more time! Do not give up!

The letter of communication with the core of your spirit. The confidence that is always with you from one of the oldest animal spirits in the world. The teacher who will always protect you even in your most wonderful dreams and plans of your life. Enjoy your chosen wolf portfolio.


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