Wolf necklaces

wolf necklaces

Some people prefer to have a heart in the neck given by a loved one, or with pictures of loved ones. But if you prefer to be authentic and true to your spirit, there is no doubt that these wolf necklaces will awaken the wolf within you with all the intensity and radiance of your essence.

Wolf necklaces

The leaders of the group

The challengers of the quadrilateral

The Celtic guardians

The fiery nordic

The warriors of the Moon

The fangs of truth

The collars of wolves have been attributed properties of protection and spiritual guidance. Along with qualities such as intelligence, cunning, communication, friendship, loyalty, generosity, and compassion. It also teaches us to balance the responsibilities of the family’s needs and preserve their own personal identity.

The wolf necklace is a good charm to cultivate inner wisdom. These give confidence and desire for freedom, or to balance freedom. It is said that they provide a lot of power to protect us in weak states and difficult situations. To never forget that we can always find the solution to any problem in life. Fight for your domains, your dreams, and the prey that you long for with fierceness and courage.

For the most voracious we have great options: