Wolf masks

wolf mask

“A mask tells us more than a face”.

(Oscar Wilde)

If we take into account the previous saying. With these wolf masks, you can tell the world who you really are. In the most honest way possible for man. No tricks or illusions, at least from the point of view of the face.

Wolf masks

The leaders of the group

The challengers of the quadrilateral

The genuine werewolves

The terror of the night

The soul of the holidays

Nightmares come true

    If yours is to give a good scare to others and at any time (not only in the time of Halloween). Well, friend, pana, compadre, ex-complete stranger …, you do not need to search anymore, you have reached the goal. With these incredible, realistic and creepy masks, even the bravest will get the creeps, and the bald, I have bad news, will come only to fall again. You’ll even be tagged with your mother-in-law for life after you give her the fright of her life.

    These masks will allow you to take out what you feel you are inside. Like a son of the pack, or a real lone wolf, or, if you wish: A terrible and misunderstood creature of the night, capable of sowing panic in the minds of the weakest. Taking the motto:

“I’m waiting for you in your nightmares, do not come late, or I’ll charge you double.”

If you think that the masks are for puppies and you want something of “Hardcore” level, then this will surely sharpen your tusks: