Wolf caps

wolf caps

These are not just wolf caps, they are the flag of your own soul. The shield that reflects your character to the world. It is your stamp, the image with which you identify and feel freer to say what you think. Accepting your virtues and defects. As well as learning from your mistakes without fearing to move forward (and you will commit more, it is part of life). That is the essence of the wolf.

Wolf caps

The leaders of the group

The challengers of the quadrilateral

The warriors of the Moon

The most picturesque

Space travelers

The defenders of the nation


Throughout the existence of mankind, the wolf has always been in the mind of man. For some, it was the image that only the best warriors could possess. For others, they were guardians or spiritual guides and the rest considered him a demon or sign of bad omen. but you know the truth and you will show it with pride.

You will give it the meaning that they really have. Notice what you really feel when you see one of these wolf hats. Show how you really feel when you use one of these items. With the tenacity and fierceness of a wolf.

Special announcement for those who do not just want to feel like wolves in their heads. Surprise below: