Wolf bracelets

wolf bracelets

Ancient civilizations wore bracelets on their wrists because they believed that metals were related to the stars and influenced the life cycles of man. Nothing closer to your truth. Invokes the ancient power of these powerful animals with these wolf bracelets. Awaken your power of the stars within you with these wolf bracelets.

Wolf bracelets

The leaders of the group

The challengers of the quadrilateral

My favorite prey

My most precious treasures

Forged in antique metal

Servants at your feet

Bracelets have multiple meanings, purposes, and materials. From crafts, silicone for sports, advertising, fashion, etc. But you do not, you are not only fashion, you are persistence, commitment, strength, honesty. You are not afraid to accept and show that you are different and firm in your convictions, your ideas.

You love the wolves for their intelligence, strength, and strength. For the years of history and tradition throughout history between wolves and humans. For its magic and mysticism that bewitches us all. For all these reasons, these bracelets are for you. Authentic member of the herd.

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