Wolf bags

wolf bags

The bag is the accessory that by rule defines every woman, because of most girls like handbags, no matter the material or design but it is appropriate for the occasion and has enough space to carry everything that does you need. Well here are the wolf bags for the fiercest of the herd. So they define their style and fashion wherever they go.

Wolf bags

The leaders of the group

The challengers of the quadrilateral

The watchers of the galaxy

Native soul

White titans

Howlers of the moon


For many a bag of wolves could be another usually small handbag either. But not for you. It is not only where you put all your personal things and what you might need at any given time. It is much, much more. You remark your image in a striking way and in different ways, both personally and professionally.

It is your declaration of status and power, it is something that you want to highlight, especially because you do not fear to differentiate yourself from other people. You will always see yourself uniquely where you go. It will be impossible to avoid the looks of the curious. You will be the full moon that the wolves look for in the dark nights. That is the meaning of the wolf bags for you. Warrior of the night.

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