Wolf Tooth Necklace. Live with the wolves this 2018.

The Wolf Tooth Necklace is the perfect choice for people of unique style. Of great beauty and durability. Thanks to the materials used in its manufacture. Ideal and the best for those who wish to have the spirit of the wolf close to their hearts this 2018.

wolf tooth necklace
Wolf tooth necklace: Your brothers accompany you

Technical characteristics:

Decent design: solid and elegant pendant, with a strong and adjustable cord, allow being used in different lengths and easy to lower.

Fashionable: Beautiful surface finish, striking, bold and bold.

Pendant size: 2.1 inches (5.3 cm) Length x 0.9 inches (2.4 cm) Width, Cord length is adjustable, which is more convenient for daily life.

Exquisite craftsmanship: Made of quality stainless steel; A + quality of galvanizing processing.

After-sale service: 90-day money back guarantee or exchange. We are committed to providing the best shopping experience.

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This necklace and the others:

For centuries, mankind has used wolf talismans as a link with spirits, protection and to connect with these spiritual guides, and this necklace will do its part. Although if you want to wear the most beautiful wolf pendant, then, you do not catch. Here is what you were looking for, and you’ll see why:

Incredible price-product ratio: Incredible product for the price. Very nice finish, the high-quality cord that is almost like shiny leather. Perfect for anyone who wants a striking necklace at a decent price.

Magnificent brightness: Such is the finish of this piece that shines to the brightness of the sun and the moon. As simple as that. And in it is the great beauty of this article. It is impossible not to notice this garment when you wear it with pride.

A great length of the rope: Are you of tall people and/or with wide torsos, which has always had problems with the length of the collars? Well, do not worry. The length of this necklace is long enough to cover those needs. On the other hand, if you are one of the people of short stature, they have nothing to fear either, since the collar is adjustable.

Durability for many years: One always wants these beloved jewels to last a long time (I want my grandchildren to inherit this.). Being stainless steel, the wolf tooth will look like new for decades, without worrying about the deterioration of this.

Elegance at all times: It is an elegant piece, which will match any outfit you wear.

Warning: Your powers are revealed while you use it on full moon night.

size wolf tooth necklace colors wolf tooth necklace original wolf tooth necklace


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Aspects to consider:

This is a fabulous product. There is only one detail to take into account. If you shower with the collar on, it may happen that the rope will eventually wear out and become loose. It is recommended to avoid this for a longer life of the same.

Conclusion: The necklace worthy of the wolves

If instead of wearing clothes or caps with images of wolves, you prefer something more discreet or you want a jewel that matches your style. Then this pendant is for you. With the unbeatable price, great quality, durability, and elegance like no other in its weight. Use it and the wolf god will guide you on your way.

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