Werewolf mask. The most spooky of 2018.

The Werewolf Mask is the preferred choice for its quality of materials, design, realism and a surprise that you will have prepared for your potential victims of fear. In addition to an unbeatable price-quality ratio. Being the best werewolf mask of 2018 for all parties where you need to be a little more … .. Terrorificooo. Muuuaajaajjajajajaja.

werewolf mask
Werewolf mask: I am a gallant. True?


Technical characteristics:

Package dimensions: 15 x 10 x 2 inches

Shipping weight: 1.09 pounds

100% PU Mask with ABS

10 inches tall

16 inches wide

Standard size

Exterior molded rubber foam with synthetic leather

The mouth moves when you move the jaw

Velcro strap inside for mounting

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This mask vs the gloom of the night:

To get into the spirit of the wolf is necessary a mask of good quality, realistic and a price that does not exceed the scares that you will give. Know the advantages that this mask offers in comparison with the others of its same range:

Quality and realism at a good price: Its very professional appearance and good quality, will meet your expectations to not go unnoticed in any event or party. As well as its good durability without being necessary to pay for more.

Articulated jaw: The articulated jaw is the best feature of this mask. It allows you to open the mouth of the mask when you do it. In addition to allowing to show a variety of facial expressions as you want it. If the face does not scare them, sure that mouth open yes.

Small head? It’s not a problem: It is true that we do not all have big heads, but that is easy to solve. This mask comes with included pads to fit better in these cases and ensure the functionality of the articulated jaw.

Originality on Halloween: Many different types of masks can be seen at the most popular festival of fear. But in it, you will be the king, thanks to the realism, texture, coat and articulated system of this mask. Convincing everyone that you are the authentic and unique werewolf and winning the scares of all.

Do not get thirsty: One drawback with many masks is the issue of being able to drink. Obliging on many occasions to have to take it away to be able to carry out this action. But it’s nothing you can not solve with a straw. Just open the mouth of the mask and go.

Easy to put on: The mask is easy to use and comes with everything you need. You only need to make adjustments with the foam blocks included if the mask is too big and after you put it on, do not call your young children: They will fear you until Christmas.

mask of werewolf synthetic skin spooky werewolf mask realistic werewolf mask

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How to use it:

Check the setting

The mask works best when it has a moderately adjusted setting. First, try how easy it is to open your mouth.

Make adjustments if necessary

If the mask is too large, you can make adjustments with the included foam blocks.

Insurance and Use

Secure the strap around the back of your head. This will prevent the mask from moving. Finally, pull on the fur hood.


Aspects to consider:

This is an excellent product. But it is not perfect, obviously, and it is necessary to mark some details to clear up doubts. This is a product mainly for adults. Therefore, the size of the mask is large and it is difficult for children to use it correctly, even with foam blocks.

People who wear glasses will also have some drawbacks, forcing the mask to not fit properly. It would be good to do without these if possible.

Eating will be more difficult than drinking liquids. It is mandatory to remove the mask to be able to taste a bite. Unless someone comes up with a way to do it while wearing the mask. I am willing to learn the technique.


Conclusion: The best werewolf mask

Great for many reasons. Variety of masks can be found. But the qualities of this can not equal. With a great finish, easy to use and spooky appearance. Being the delight of the followers of one of the most ferocious and enigmatic creatures. In addition to its unbeatable price. Look no further this is the face you were looking for tonight.

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