Stuffed wolf. The most tender of 2018.

The Stuffed Wolf is the perfect doll for those who wish to be part of the wolf pack and howl at the Moon in all the adventures you take with your son. A realistic and unique toy that stimulates hours of creative play and that makes your child feel protected when it comes to sleeping at night. Sleep well my puppy.

Stuffed wolf
Stuffed wolf: I am tenderness incarnate

Technical characteristics:

Material: High-quality fabrics.

Filling: Ultra-plush

Realistic face and baby features

Total product weight: -0.64 lbs.

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The stuffed animal that everyone wants:

You’ll be howling with emotion once you bring this stuffed wolf to your house, and you’ll soon know why. You can not ignore this little boy, nor resist his tenderness. You will fall in a spell of love that you can not escape from:

A tenderness of price: The tender appearance of this stuffed animal is undeniable. His face is sweet and unique and can make even the rudest sigh. Sighs that will overshadow their price, so they do not say that the rudes do not have a heart.

Smooth as a cloud: This item is made with soft fabrics of high quality that give a realistic design, being perfect to snuggle when you need a hug and sleep with something fluffy.

No fear of dirt: These stuffed animals are created with high-quality materials and are washable. Allowing to continue enjoying them without fear of cleaning them from dirt.

Care in detail: The attention to detail is incredible with the different colors and textures of the skin. The back part folds a little so that the wolf can sit easily without falling. The small nose is made of hard plastic and cools if exposed to cold air. Ideal for those who love to have a wolf at home waiting for you.

Resistance test: Although small, this alpha wolf is very strong. He did not skimp on the quality of the materials or the seams that give him body, shape, and firmness, without sacrificing his softness.

soft stuffed wolf wolf stuffed love fluffy stuffed wolf

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Aspects to consider:

This is a perfect product for wolf lovers, and I’m happy to say that you only need to be careful not to wash this little one in the washer and dryer, just give it a hand wash and it will be with you for a long time.


Conclusion: The most adorable teddy from 2018

The best gift for a loved one or for oneself. This is the little wolf that every lover of wolves wants. He has the sure power to attract a smile to the faces and joy to the hearts of those who are close to him. It is the favorite of children, it is the ideal gift on any occasion. The perfect opportunity to take wildlife to your own home, as well as love peace and fun without limits every day.

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