Costume of granny of the wolf. Relive the story this 2018.

The costume of granny of the wolf is the preferred choice of those who want to stand out in the terror festivities, while they want to scare some Little Red Riding Hoods. In addition to the great quality of its materials, design, realism and succulent price. Being the best wolf costume disguised as a grandma of 2018 for all parties where you want to be unique.

costume of granny of the wolf
Costume of granny of the wolf: Do I look fat with this dress?

Technical characteristics:

100% polyester



12 “tall

2.5 “wide

Costume includes: evening dress, character, mask, gloves, shoe covers

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What big eyes you have granny:

If you are one of those who always wanted to know what it felt like to be the bad wolf in the stories, this is your chance. With this set, you can transform into nothing less than the evil wolf of Little Red Riding Hood in his facet of the grandmother. And why of granny? To catch you better !:

Great costume for the price: It is a disguise of great quality, with synthetic materials and original fur. In addition to the care put on the appearance of the whole to bring back to life the childhood myth.

Concealing shyness, showing the claws: It’s a full-body costume, which will allow even the timidest ones to free themselves a little and set the pace at parties. Without worrying about being in public and in front of the girls.

All in one: It arrives with everything necessary to embody the character. Includes: mask, gloves, dress, shoe covers, and hat. Only your desires are missing to make your childhood dream come true.

Stylish comfort: The suit is made to be comfortable to wear and does not hurt. There are no hard plastic parts or sharp, sharp or sharp parts. Especially in gloves. Which makes it easier to hold objects with your hands.

How many clear, easy to use: The product includes instructions to better understand how to use the suit and solve problems that may be encountered with it. Saving the pre-Halloween suffering from fixing last-minute details.

Costumes, the silver bullet of the giants: If you are a tall person, your height can be a problem in various situations of your life. But not in this one. This outfit is big enough to fit you fabulously. Unless you touch the basket of the basketball court with your head. The disguise does not work miracles.

adult wolf costume fierce wolf costume disfraz de lobo calidad

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Aspects to consider:

Just seeing it shows that it is a fantastic product. I just have to add some details about this:

* When using the mask you can feel the heat, due to the latex material and that is complete. Something that is normal.

* Maybe you need to make another hole in the mouth area to drink or take more air.

* It is possible that the cap falls from time to time if it is not placed well.

* The lenses are not included with the suit.


Conclusion: The best costume of the stories.

The perfect costume to revive the big bad wolf on Halloween. Scare grannies with their incredible price-quality-appearance ratio. Get ready, no little red riding hood or any other color can escape this holiday season. The poor woodcutter will never be able to chase you. Go get away with yours. See you at the grandmother’s house … buuuuaajajajajaj.

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